Plant and Turf Care

Plants come with all sorts of needs and wants.  The most important factor to know is how much water is needs.  Most plants can tolerate the stresses of too much or too little, but it would be more beneficial to them and to you to get them the right amount of water.  With those stresses can come pests.  Weeds, bugs and diseases love to invade your garden or grass when stresses are on your plants because they are not strong enough to compete against them.
    Mowing             Fertilizing        Hand Weeding      Pest Control
Small yards-         $25                     $35                 $ 45                           $50                               
Medium Yards-           $45                      $75                 $90                           $100                                     
Large Yards-                $65                     $145                $185                          $200                                        The Prices above are for single, one time jobs.  We could set up different packages that will help split up the prices over the year.  Give us a call if this would be better for you.